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Monday, December 28

{ pICtUreS }

Just sharing some pictures of this last week.

Here's the tree on Christmas Eve night ...

Emma was so excited on Christmas morning. It was really cute! We heard them come bounding down the stairs then ...pat-pat-pat to the tree then...pa-pat-pat to our room to wake us up! Emma says, "Santa left a pillow pet under the tree!" She was so happy! Maddox was ready to stop opening presents by the fourth one. He wanted to stop opening and start playing! I think he was shocked when I kept handing him another and another. (I really didn't spend alot. My kids are still at the age that the $10.oo doorbusters are still cool!) So it took him a little longer than Emma to rip open everything. Even today he still has 3 that are still in the box! He has had so much fun playing with his Diego Rescue Center and his Dinosaur Castle. Emma's favorite gifts were her Polly Pocket Toys. This is the first year we've been into Polly and I have to say I am lovin' me some Polly Pockets! Her clothes go on and off so easily and she has some cool acessories! Emma also got a V-smile Pocket which she has been playing with quiet a bit.

Here's all the girls with Grandma B...

We spent Christmas Eve with some friends enjoying some yummy potato soup!

The kids exchanged gifts and that was fun.....

Maddox got a Diego Underwater Set.

Grant got a game.

And Ms. Em got a Strawberry Shortcake.

Her hair still smells like it did when I was little!

I've been sniffing her!

(sorry about the red eyes, I didn't edit these pics.

I just threw them on here when I had a chance.)

Here's some bird feeders the kids made as one of the projects in their advent calander...
Tanner reading his card he got from Great Grandma....

Aunt Judy sent some GREAT gifts for the kids... Chloe, Halle with Tanner, Emma and Maddox.

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