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Monday, January 4

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They just keep growing. I can't stop them. Sometimes I want to and sometimes I want to push them along. But no matter, because they just keep growing. Last week at work one of Mark's co-workers said, " I remember being where you are and it's hard, but look little kids - little problems, big kids - big problems." I agree. I can deal with broken crayons, dirty faces, and missing barbie shoes. What I don't want to deal with is wrecked cars, curfews, and cell phone bills. I already pray for God's wisdom and guidance as our kids approach the teenage years! I pray that they will find Jesus and have an understanding of HIM and HIS love that goes beyond their years. I pray they will make all the right choices and always love their momma!
Okay, now that I've went on with that, here's some recent pictures of my sweeties...

Maddox taking out the trash...

Tanner is now 3 months old!! And mostly all smiles...
He loves playing on his tummy or just having someone talk to him.

He's gettin' to be a chunker!
He's been playing in his exoscaucer lately.
still with a blanket tucked around him.

And then we plopped him in this the other day..

But because our doorways are so high,

He's not quite there yet!

And then there's this sweet girl!

10 days left of 4 years old!
Momma's heart can hardly stand it!


Amanda DeFelice said...

I'm so weak...tears were welling up in my eyes reading this! I CANNNOT belive ENM is going to be 5 years old!!! I think Madd is gonna be the one who will need the most prayer with his dare devil, push the limits kinda personality!! LOL : ) and sweet Tanner, in one of those pics, he looks so much like you....I hope we each get to see our kiddos grow up & be lasting friends! We are so blessed, huh? even when we think it's all too much, they are worth it in the end!

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