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Monday, February 22


I know, I know what you're going to say.
I said I was going to wait for awhile to feed him any food,
but he was ready.
So.... starts the baby cereal/ baby food stage.

Last week, Tanner seemed to be having to try just a
little to hard to make a dirty diaper.
We do not want this kid constipated. Been there. Done that.
And never wanna go back.
So I picked him up some prunes
(to get him moving smooth again) at the store
along with some rice cereal (to help him sleep longer).
Mixed it up and wahh lahh...
Tanner's first bite.
And what did he think about all that....

O.K. actually he liked it. This was just so cute and funny
I had to put it on here. Is that the cutest face, or what?
He gobbled it up and ask for more!

So....did it work?

As for the poopy part.....yes!

As for the sleepy part....well, no. not really.

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