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Wednesday, February 24


I am happy to report that my boys have reached some
very important milestones.
Now sometimes milestones can be hard on a momma's heart,
but one of these I am so ready for.
The other is exciting for the boy because he really wants to get on the move.

You've probably guessed them by now...

Maddox is potty train...ed..ing.
I've been telling him for months now that after his birthday,
"No more diapers". That worked with Emma. Wasn't so sure it was going
to work with Madd because he likes to buck the system.
And by the system, I mean all my neat, tidy rules.
Last Friday after MOPS, his diaper was still dry so I took him to the potty
(at this point he had NEVER peed on the potty) but he went!
I had put underwear on him before but he just peed on my floors
about 4 times a day.
So I gushed, praised, hugged him and stuck some underwear on him.

(He is soooo cute! in those little whitie tighties)

Anyway, since then he has been using the potty all the time!
We even made the dreaded 'venture out of the house in underwear' trip.
He went to grandma's and to school.
He's been doing great and then yesterday he got an upset tummy and
we've had to go to pull-ups but he's still going pee on the potty everytime!
I am so proud of him and with having 2 in diapers I was very ready
to get the almost three year old out of them!!! Yay for Maddox!

Sorry for the really bad pictures, but
I was in my bathroom and my camera
is crappy. (no pun intended)

Now, on to Tanner.

I have had some uncommonly good luck so far
catching Mister T's 'first' on camera. I got the first (real) smile

and the first real reach

insert picture

(I could NOT find that picture to save. my. life)
and now I have captured his first roll over!
He's been getting close for awhile now, so I've had the camera ready.
(O.K. really, I always have the camera ready!)

However, I can't show it to you because I sound like a totally idiot.
If I could show you without sound, I would.
If I could trust that you would just watch it and mute the sound, I would.
But I don't trust ya as far as I could throw ya.
(and as Mark & I like to say, I can't even pick you up!)
I'm not one who is embarrassed easily and I can def. laugh at myself,
But I am not posting that video. uh huh.
Just trust me, he did at 5mo. & 2 days old.
And it was cute.

So, I will get a picture of him rolling over and post that instead.
P.S. I started this post over a week ago. I have been buried under
piles of clothes, index cards, and wire hangers!
(consignment sale season)
Since then Maddox has been doing good with
the potty training and Tanner is rolling all
over the place. He rolled so far the other day
that he was stuck by the couch and couldn't
go anywhere else. Tomorrow is Maddox birthday
and I am hoping to get a chance tonight to do a bday
post. But Mark has been working c.ra.Z. hours
and after I put them all to bed by myself I am
exhausted. So stay tuned, it might happen anyway.

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