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Saturday, March 20

attic decrapification

Finally! I have finished this post. Took me fooooorevvver because I couldn't easily move around my pictures on the post like I have in the past.  I don't if that has something to do with our new computer or what, but it was quiet aggrevating! 

Anyway, I LOVE my attic! I know that sounds wierd, but my attic is HUGE and it's walk in! That's right, just open the door and toss the junk in walk right in. No ladders to pull down, no dim lighting, no small tight doorways. It's great.  We added this part to our house because eventually it will be liveable space, but for now it's our storage!  When we first moved in, I was preggers.  I tried to half way keep this space organized but there was SO much more important things to do that it kinda fell to the way side.  Plus it was summer and too hot in there for me.  After that I had a newborn, no sleep, two other kids and what the attic looked like was WAY down on the important list.  So now, that things have settle down a bit, Tanner was growing out of his clothes faster than I could blink, and consignment sale season was here I needed to get in there and pilfer around. (Do you know what pilfer means? I remember my mama always saying, "Heather Ann, quit pilferin' I was in her bedroom looking through the drawers, jewelry boxes, basically just being nosey.)   I worked on it on and off while the kids were busy and napping. And then last week? when my mom was here we were giddy to get to organize rolled up our sleeves and dug in.
Here's what it looked like before:

I had eight of these paper organizers stashed up there. Filled with 10 years of reciepts, bills, misc. mail,etc.
After going thru every. single. paper.  I compacted the important stuff into one container! Yay! 
Yes, I recycled.

This old hope chest, you may see again. I'm thinking of adding a cushion and hauling it down to the laundry room. It's in beautiful shape and it's not as red as it looks in this picture.  But checkout the way we stored the Christmas lights. nice.

And now, here's the after picture:


Everything is labeled.  I heart labeling.

I had three, seriously three, baby gates up there. That should be enough to keep em' where I want em'!

Here's all the junk we threw out. No attic decrapification is complete without throwing out at least one old computer monitor.

I love it!
Oh wait! There's another one! That makes 4.
Well, another project down and I am satisfied with the outcome.  I love the way it looks and hopefully I can keep it that way! What's on your decrapification list??

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