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Monday, March 22


Well, I don't have to scream!
Because that bonus room project got done.
At least Mark's part. Which was putting up all the molding.
That got done! It had to get done yesterday or wait till' next
weekend. Busy season at work still. blah! 
So the paint is up. The molding is up. But....
I'm not going to show it to you!........not yet.
I still need to do some tweaking. It'll be soon. Promise.

Anyway, Litttle T slept downstairs completely by himself last night.
I decided yesterday that it's silly to get up in the middle of the night to feed the 6month old.
So Mark and I slept upstairs in the guest room and left him all alone in our bedroom.
Yes, the kid is still in our bedroom. We slept upstairs so when he wakes up crying we can still sleep. :) It's much quieter with just the monitor on (turned way down low) than being in the same room with him.  I know it sounds like the baby kicked us out of our master bedroom, but I would rather have him downstairs crying than upstairs right beside Emma and Madd's room crying.  We figure one more night sleeping all alone and he will stop waking up at all. Most babies wake up out of habit and not out of a need for food. (or attention or anything else)  So one more night, then he's moving upstairs to his own room!! Which means nursery decorating! That should fun. I am tossing some ideas around and looking online for some cute nursries. I really want some type of mural.

Well, have a good Monday!

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Elizabeth said...

Awwwh, thanks Heather! So good you stopped by! Blogging has become my new addiction! :) Have fun with the nursery decorating! What do you think you will do theme wise?

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