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Monday, March 15

birthday party

We celebrated Maddox's 3rd birthday with a shark party on Saturday. He went from wanting a Diego party to wanting a Team Umizoomi (new show on NICK) party. Because the Umizoomi show is so new I couldn't find any Umizoomi coloring pages to help me make the cake. So we went for the shark party and it was so cute!

I used two different colors of blue for the balloons so we could pretend we were 'underwater'. I taped them to the floor all around the cake table. Party City had some cute little underwater decorations to hang from the chandelier and we added a shark game and called it a party!

Here he is trying to figure out how to hold up 3 fingers.

Got it!

Madd had all his cousins (minus Nathan) over plus our friend Grant.
He's mad in this picture because he didn't want Chloe to be beside him.
Here's his cute little birthday banner.
I made this for him last year and I plan to use it until it's falling apart.
He got lots of outside toys (at my request) and from his Papa and Grandma one really cool tricycle! As I am writing this, more than a week later, we still have this tricycle inside the house. One because it's really cold outside and two because I actually don't mind except when they follow me around on it. You get that feeling that someone is about to plow over your ankles. Like in the grocery store when you make the mistake of letting them 'help' you push the cart. yeah. Besides that and the fact that they leave it right behind me so when I turn around I almost fall over about 100 times a day, it's been great! Good exercise for them. Madd and Emma have been riding it around down stairs all week.

Here's his sharky cake I made! I had so much fun with this. It's two 9x13's. I could have just made one. That would have served everyone here, but what fun is that?? Really. It needed to be bigger! I usually never write on my cakes, because I'm afraid it will look like a serial killer made the cake, but I took a chance on this because it needed it and I think it turned out o.k. (wow. is that a fragment or what?) I took some step by step pictures to show you later as kind of a tutorial (if you're interested). I'll post them later. Anyway, he really liked his cake and it was yumm-O.
Well, the decrapification of the attic is complete!! My mom and I had way too much fun doing that! (weird, I know) I will post those pictures this week. And then, My BFF and I painted my big blank wall in the bonus room yesterday!! Now I just gotta get Mark to put up the trim and I'll show you the update!! So far, I'm lovin' it.
Ta Ta for now!

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