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Monday, March 29

Go Pirates!!

Is this the cutest, or what!? I love it. E had her first T'Ball game this past saturday. It was very exciting.  Her team is called the Pirates and it is softball, so it's all girls.  And do I really have to tell you how cute they are. Oh dear, they are adorable. And, just like in ballet, I am a bit of a ...uh....how do you say...Well I have some team spirit y'all!  No, I didn't yell at her while she was on the field. I just gently reminded her to 'watch the game' or encouraged you to 'run fast' and 'hit hard'. It's really just alot of cheering.   No, all joking aside. I do  NOT yell at my kids. I would never embarrass them like that.  She did great despite the pitcher hitting her with the ball the first time she got up there! She teared up a little, but kept on playing.  She played outfield and catcher.  She did really well at both positions. She's a bit of a 'prancer' instead of a 'runner' but she'll get there!  A mom's heart is filled with such pride when we see our babies out there! O.k. were off to her second game tonight. Go Pirates!!

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