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Sunday, March 28

sunday evening

Hi friends.
Hope you had a lovely Sunday.
It's after nine and I was just over there at the dining room table working on some scrapbook pages.  I decided to take a little break to look at some more nursery decor ideas and lookie where I ended up.
Lucky you. HaHa. 
We moved mister T upstairs this afternoon. No tears from us. Or from him for that matter.  Our bedroom looks really empty without all his stuff in there.  Which gets me excited about yardsale season. Although, I've only once bought an actual piece of furniture at a yardsale. A white chair that has been everywhere in our house from the master bedroom at the old house to Emma's room here and then the guest room and now right beside me here in the office.  Pretty versatile little piece. And it was only $15! You know we cheap people always let you know how much stuff cost. So you know how good of a deal we got. hehehe. Anyhoo, we defenitly need something in there now, but I don't want to jump in and buy something just to fill the space. I want to get something that we will actually use. The model  home of ours has a chaise lounge chair in the master and it looks nice. We may end up going that route. Oh, wait I did also buy Emma's dresser from a yardsale.  But I'm not sure you could even call it furniture. seriously. It's falling apart.
So much so that I was going to hold out for yardsale season, but I really can't stand to look at the stupid thing anymore.  When I was at Target the other day I saw one of those plastic stacking bin type things that comes in purple and pink and it was super cute. Believe it or not...cute and plastic. Huh, go figure.   I was looking around on Craigslist for one, but no luck with what I want.  It really doesn't matter the color because it's just going in her closet.  I love the extra large closets (in every bedroom) that we got with this home. And I like putting the dressers in the closets to leave more floor space for playing. Especially when they're little. So I may end up with the stacking thing as a dresser and when she out grows it we can always use it for storage.
Moving on, Tanner is upstairs in his unpainted, undecorated room. Which scared me because you know how it is...just put em' in there and plan to do it later...uh huh...never gets done.  But my housekeeper, babysitter, mom is coming this week so I'm hoping to get some things done.  Listen I don't understand the people that say they can't even clean their house with their kids there! Are you kidding? I'm over here painting, crafting, cleaning, mopping, & organizing. All while my kids are running around me playing school, house, bad guys, babies, and anything else you can think of.  (most of the time I'm playing too while I'm painting!)  I don't get to work from start to finish in one sitting like I want to, but at least I start it and get it done later. (preferably in the same day) But then, like an angel descending from heaven, insert MOM. Oh yeah. She's awesome. She plays with her grandbabies all day. And I get tons of stuff done! I love it! I hope that you are blessed with someone in your life that will take your babies and love on them while you get some stuff d.o.n.e. What a blessing! 
Well, that was a rambling and a half.  And now I can't remember what my point was. Oh well, I'm thinking trees for the nursery. Seems wierd calling it a nursery, he is 6 months old. 6 months old. Crazy how time flies because before I know it he will be one. yikes!
O.K. Trees. yeah, I'm thinking trees.  Walls - light green? sky blue?  Trees - orange? green? red? OH! yellow!  I saw a picture of them online.  I don't have it  to show you. Sorry. But they were Uber cute and really easy to paint. I mean really. Plus, the best part, I think I can paint them by using the paint samples from Lowe's! Only $3 bucks a tree! I love it.  Hope it works out.
Well, I'm going back to scrapping now. Have a great Monday. Catch ya later.
Oh yeah, the bonus room is DFN. That's code for Done For Now in the Defelice world.
 I'll  post pics....tomorrow or Tuesday!


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