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Tuesday, March 9

Happy Birthday Maddox

1st Birthday...He really enjoyed that cupcake!

2nd Birthday...
Buzz Lightyear was his hero.

(yes, I made that cake!)

It's seems very strange to me that this
was only 12 months ago. It's seems so much
longer. Probably because this year has been a
bit of a whirlwind. Building a house, being pregnant,
moving in, having a baby!! Madd's 2's have been
rough at times but also he has been such
source of joy! He has been so fun and entertaining.
We have been through alot with him this year.
I never want to look back and say that I missed
something or count more days as hard instead of easy.

He has grown up alot in a year.
Gone from being a baby to a boy.
I know, I'm rambling. I guess I'm getting a little
sentimental thinking about my baby.
Momma's love their boys in such a precious way.
On with the pictures. And there are alot of them.
But he's so cute, I couldn't decide.
You people who love photo Friday this will be
it for this week! So enjoy.
Maddox on vacation in Gatlinburg.

He went through a stage where he loved balls!

classic toliet paper mishap

rockin' & rollin' in the van
probably to Nicole C. Mullen

one of his first smiles

5 months old
Vacationing in Fort Walton

6 months old

I don't know how old, but look how cute!!
He started walking at 10 months.

Easter 2009

This is the "I only eat shredded cheese" phase.

(don't ask)

Summer 2009

And now what will 3 hold for us?

Happy Birthday my sweet snuggie.

(yes, I call him snuggie. probably way too much.)
I will post party pictures next week.Have a great weekend.

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