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Friday, April 16


Last week I showed the 1 dollar vase
 I got at the yard sales.
This week you won't believe it.
 I'm not believing it.

I got this:

are you  ready....
5 dollars!  yep.  5 small ones.
I knew it was a good deal when I bought it.
 no stains.
 no tears.
 no cat pee.
no dog hair.

BUT I didn't know until I got it home that it was from
Pottery Barn!! I got the above picture directly from their website.
Where they still sell this exact chair for $799.99 to $1399.00
Hundred dollars!!!
People!! I am in yard sale heaven right now!

I am washing the slipcover right now.
I took some pictures of her for you:
The slipcover was a little rumpled because we had just
got it out of the van.

Really good condition!

And here it is - the label.  Yes!! I'm dying!

Ain't she purdy???
Ooooh, thanks!
No really. I meant the chair y'all!!
I gotta get some rest. I'm planning on leaving my house at 7am
to find some more steals!!!
"Enjoy this moment,
For this moment is your life."