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Thursday, April 29

t-ball pictures

Is she cute, or what?

She will def. play this sport again.
She has had a great time! And counts down
the days until her next game each week!

Little #8

As you can tell from these two pictures
she is the shortest one on the team!
Isn't this funny. Look how big some of the other girls are.
With her being 5yrs and 3months and some of these girls are already 6
it makes a big difference in height. She's going to take after her short petite momma!

Here's the team! With their two coaches. Coach Julie ont the left and Coach Amy on the right.
Emma is front left. Go Pirates!!


amanda persinger said...

Cute! #12 is a giant! Is that the girl from the y and her mom is the coach?

Heather said...
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"Enjoy this moment,
For this moment is your life."