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Sunday, April 25

yard sale finds

I had another great weekend at the sales! 
 Well, actually I only went on Friday.
Saturday was rainy.
I almost always go on Friday mornings and if
I find some super exciting deals then I get my
'fix' and don't feel like I have to go back on Saturday.
But now that we are entering 'pime season' the next
4 weeks I will probably go every Friday and Saturday.

I rearrange my schedule for yard sales. Emma is supposed
to go to her 5 year check up on Friday, but I'm goin' reschedule.
She has a ball game on Saturday at 9am, so I will need
to leave my house at 7ish' to get in 2 good hours
and then just meet up with the family at the field!

It may sound crazy to you, but when you pay
$1 for something that would cost you $15 in a store!
Why would you stay home?
I love them! O.K. on to my finds.

First off I got this cute little blue step stool for $2.
(currently in my powder room, the kids can't reach in there.)

And I got this for FREE!
I have an idea to use it in Madd's room,
let's just hope it works!

And lastly my favorite find:

These two matching shelves are going to be great for T's room!
And how much were they?
Thanks RA.

They need a little TLC, but actually I already worked on
them this weekend and they're done! Ready to hang!

I also got some children's books, and Maddox stole
a Scooby-Doo punching bag!  At the first stop we made, he
jumps out of the van, grabs the punching bag, drags it by himself to the van,
and starts shooving it in! It was hystrical!  Of course, I had to buy it then.
And pay full price.  The lady knew she had me for the full $3 bucks if the kid already has it in the van!

Did you find anything good?
I hope so. Happy hunting!
"Enjoy this moment,
For this moment is your life."