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Tuesday, May 18

sweet summer

Welcome back Summer!!!!
We have missed you!!

Some things I love about summer:
flip flops
bathing suits
kids smelling like sunscreen
eating outside
grillin' out (that's bbq in the south)
kids dirty feet
yard work
I could go on and on.

In summer, the song sings itself.

Papa got the pool open and heated for us!!
We spend alot of time at grandma and papa's
during the summer.  We stay for hours, eat their food,
take all their Popsicles, use their sunscreen, take naps,
and make a big mess. No. not really. We don't
make a mess. That's the other daughter in laws.

Emma jumped right in and picked up right where she left off.
Swimming like a fish. So proud of her.

We should have put Maddox back in swimming lessons
for a refresher.  He said he was scared. But he did fine.
I made him go under. Because I'm mean.
I kept trying to get him to swim around with me and
then I thought, what the heck am I doing. He's scared, Emma's
swimming around entertaining herself, Tan-Tan is asleep,
I should be floating around laying in the sun!!
So I left Madd to frolic around on the steps
and went to sun. Only lasted a little while, then
here comes E with her, Lets pretend like...
stories. But that's o.k. I'm trying to relish in playing with Emma
for the summer because my baby is going to kindergarten!! boohoo.
O.k on with the pics.


1 comment:

amanda persinger said...

No..im not ready to get in a swim suit yet!! : )
Love that last picture of Maddox...

"Enjoy this moment,
For this moment is your life."