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Thursday, May 20

new pictures

I haven't taken the kids for pictures in a long time.  We were over due.  We had family pictures made when I was pregnant with Tanner then when T was 3 months old he got his done. That's it. 5 months ago. Kids grow way too fast! I keep my camera ready all the time. And I really do take some pictures almost every.day.  Because it's all the cute adorable mundane day to day stuff that I want to remember. Like Tanner sitting on a blanket in the middle of kitchen while I cook dinner, Maddox barefoot and shirtless riding his bike way too fast down the driveway, and Emma with unbrushed hair, dressed in a bathing suit eating a Popsicle.  I love that stuff. I know my kids will appreciate all those candid shots when they are older.These things that you do every.day. you think you will never forget, but you do.  I hope the pictures I take  will help us always remember how happy we are (were) as a family. The good old days. you know? I love that stuff.

Anywhoo, I have been wanting to take the kids by themselves for some pictures especially now that Tanner is sitting up so well.  I don't dare do this by myself!  It is JOB to get them all ready and out the door to an appt. and then have to coax Maddox into cooperating!  By myself? no thanks.  On a weekend? when it's packed? I would have Mark's help but, no thanks. too crowded. So yesterday I decided I would take them today. On a Thursday morning. And my mom was still here! Yes!   Well you know how it is all I wanted was to get that ONE good shot of all 3 of them. $9.99 package. That's it. I will not buy the others. I just won't. I know. I know. They will be cute and I will love them and want them but NO I will not spend hundreds of dollars.....UM yeah. whatever. (not really hundreds) I ended up with much, much more and they are gorgeous! I love them! I have loaded some to share with you......enjoy.

I love how Tanner is looking up at Maddox.
Next, my sweet girl!  I can't believe she is going to school.
Handsome Maddox. He's got the good looking thing 'in the bag' y'all!
(and he knows it)
Tanner was in a bit of a mood. Not really mad or cranky just not real smiley.
But his pictures turned out beautiful anyway.

(I'm not sure why this one is not showing the whole thing, but just click on it to see the whole thing)
How can anyone look into the sweet, innocent faces of children and not believe in our Mighty Creator?
Are they masterpieces or what? Created in His Image and His likeness...that's what
I always prayed for my babies when I was pregnant with them.

Brother - Sister Sandwich we like to call it!

Finally a little smile!
These next ones I am in love with. My grandma made this blanket for E
when she was a baby, then it was Madd's for a short while and
now Tanner is using it. (he is getting pretty attached to it)
I had one like it when I was a baby, made by granny, and I only have
four small squares left.  Carried that thing everywhere.

sweet boy (again just click the picture here)

Get your cameras out....and catch some memories today!
thanks for looking.

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Amanda DeFelice said...

all them kids!
so beautiful!!!!

"Enjoy this moment,
For this moment is your life."