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Saturday, May 22


Here's Emma's little graduating class from Tulip Grove MDO.
You can't find her?
Look closely...
She is right....

sitting with us.
In the audience.
She was scared.  She was a ball of nervous for weeks.
She was crying when I dropped her off for school,
then she was crying even on the days off from school.
Mark and I felt so bad for her.
We caved.
Told her she didn't have to do it.
She still wanted to go watch.
Then we regretted that we let her do that.
I know she was scared and nervous for real.
But I also know that my girl could have done it!
And I think as she sat there watching her friends,
she had a little regrett too.
So lesson learned.
We told her no more crying her way out of these things.
They did of course still include her in the slide show and it was precious.
I cried.
I videoed the entire slideshow, but I figured no one wants to
see that. So here is the ungraduate with mom and dad.

And this was her teacher, Mrs. Peggy.
Best teacher in the world!
After graduation, we went to the reception and her girlfriends
demanded to know where she was at! 

Aren't they sweet! I will miss this time for sure.
I will miss my girl when she is gone all stinkin' day to school.

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amanda persinger said...

Dawson had Mrs. Peggy too! Loved her! If Avery could get up on stage and not only graduate but also speak in a microphone...I KNOW Emma could do it! : )

"Enjoy this moment,
For this moment is your life."