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Saturday, June 19

Memphis: Part 3

This is my third and final post on our Memphis trip.
On Saturday we ventured over to Mud Island.
Mud Island is right on the Mississippi River.
We drove over, but you can also ride the railway cars.
Here's the railway car that was used in the movie, "The Firm."

Well, I don't know if this exact one was the one.
But you know what I mean. Anyway.
The M the bridge makes is for Memphis and in the middle is the Tennessee/Arkansas state line.
I had read mixed reviews about visiting Mud Island. But we loved it.
The kids had a ball there and really they didn't do anything except walk in the water.

The main attraction is this HUGE replica of the Mississippi River.
With real flowing water and Maps along the way to tell you where you are.
It was pretty interesting and fun for the kids. At the "end" where the real Mississippi
dumps into the ocean they have a huge fountain/swimming area for the kids.
You can even rent paddle boats! Emma, Maddox and Madlyn really wanted to rent a paddle boat
but we were all spent by then. Tanner was SO done, BUT not fussing I might add. (told ya best.baby.ever.)
So we passed on the paddle boat ride and for Emy that was a broken pinky promise. *gasp*
Shame on you Emy. :)

Here's Emma not wanting to get her dress wet.

In front of everyone.
And here's Madd.
Not wanting to get his shirt wet. :)
And totty...
a.k.a. Happiest Baby in the World
Maddox's opinion of the Mississippi River...
"It's THIS big!"
Next it was on to the Peabody.
You can't go to Memphis without visiting the ducks at the Peabody.
No real pictures of said ducks, but they do spend their days in the lobby fountain.
Boy, do we look excited or what? ;)

There we go. That's better. smiles. :)
We were tired and hungry at this point and
what better to eat in Memphis than some RIBS!

If you've never been to Rendezvous, you must go.
These were really good Ribs!

Here's Tanner waiting for his Ribs!
Afterwards we were fat and sassy and ready to head home. 
Our Memphis trip was so fun and we enjoyed every.bit.of.it.
We are looking forward to another trip back soon!

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