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Monday, June 21

yard sale finds

Yard Sales did not disappoint this week! You know I've been working on a beachy bathroom for the kids and that included finding a new shower curtain.  I wanted a white and light blue vertical stripe fabric curtain...
And viola!

Brand new! Still in the package!
I love it. Looks great in here.
Oh yeah, and it was $5 dollars!! Let's hear it for the yard sales!
I also picked up me and Emma some new Polly Pocket bling. Maddox a 25cent watch that makes some kind of boom, laser, crash, zap sound and 50cent puzzle of the U.S.A.  Then my friend gave me an old vintage child's rocking chair. very cute. Thanks friend. I love freeeeeeee!

Speaking of free. I've been driving by this church that is getting a makeover and all of a sudden one day out by the dumpster (because I keep an eye on dumpsters. yo!) sits a big yellow bookshelf. big.  So when we drove by on Saturday their were some workers out there. I wheeled in asked Mark to jump out and ask them if they were trashing it. They said, "Take it!" So we did!! :)  Free!!

It's huge. Like 6ft tall by 5ft wide! And it's very sturdy and heavy.
Except for the back. The back is warped. We will need to replace that part.
And then there is this...

and a bad paint job...

And  a little dirt...
But it's going to be great!!
I was very happy with the way this hunt turned out!

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Jess said...

Heather, together we could do some major damage!(in a good way) I have been eying a shower curtain exactly like that one for Tori and Jacob's bathroom! Great score! The bookshelf...double score!! Our area, unfortunately, does not have great yard sales (which I never understood...) I have found some goodies at Goodwill and will one day get around to posting about them.....

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For this moment is your life."