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Thursday, June 24

plate wall

Here's the before picture of the big blank dining room wall.
I wanted some plates to go up here.
But for some reason it seemed like a daunting task.
Trying to find enough white plates, figuring out
how to hang them. blah, blah.
And then like the sun peeking through the clouds,
nester comes through once again.
I love her. I would move in with her if I could.
I visit her nest everyday, virtually of course.
Anyway, What was I thinking??
I don't have to find a bunch of white plates!
I can just spray paint them! Hello.
I spray  paint everything else, may as well paint some plates.
So I did.
Went to GW. Bought 15 plates.
I used DoverWhite spray paint from Krylon(?)

As you can see some of my plates had designs on them.
Don't worry about that. The paint covers it.
And one of my plates was not a plate at all.
It's a platter.

I was hoping it would look like ceramic.
And it does! So I got this gorgeous big platter
for the middle of my display for $1.25!
Just remember you have to put lots of thin
coats of paint on so that it doesn't run.
(of course I didn't ruin one of mine by doing that
and I certainly didn't ruin two.That would just be silly.)
Just saying.  Lots of thin coats, people.
Now, I had to figure out how to hang them
without spending more than I did for the plates.
So I used this:

 Good ol' Gorilla Glue. Worked great!
Even the really heavy one is still up there.
Hanging the safety pin off the edge like this
makes the hanging really easy.

And now my dining room went from this:

to this:
I love it so much. It's not 100% complete.
But I wanted to go ahead and show you. The good thing
about this display is that you can keep adding to it when
you find others that you like.
It may now be my favorite wall in the house.
I wish I had done it sooner and now I'm looking
for more places to hang plates. So is my mom!
Again, I didn't measure. I just started.
I did lay them out on the carpet and try to plan
a layout. But when I started putting them up I
changed it up a little. Go get your plates,  and spray paint.
 You'll love them.


Jess said...

Love it! I love Nester too. Forget diamonds, I say spray paint is a girls best friend!

amanda persinger said...

You know I love this! Sprayed mine today ; )

Amanda DeFelice said...

So Awesome...I could do this in red white & blue for my dining room...hhmmmm?
Thanks for the sweet commennt on the last blog!! luvyameanit!

Carol said...

I love your plates! So clever of you to paint them, and gluing on the safety pins, that was just a fantastic idea!
Thanks for following me!
I'm following you too!

Anonymous said...

Hey! Great blog! I have one two. I am not at great at posting as you are, but slow and steady... Check out www.duckducksoup.net
P.S. thought the plates were brilliant!

Danielle Kyle

Anonymous said...

haha! "I have one too" sorry about the mommy typo.

Gigi said...

Hi Heather, I’m following you from “Fun Follow Friday”! You are so creative, I LOVE IT! :)

I am following you now publicly via GFC. I hope you stop by my blog and do the same.

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