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Wednesday, June 23

Happy (Strange) Father's Day (Behavior)

Something strange happened around here on Saturday.
It started normal enough.  Me, sneaking out of the house at an early morning hour to yard sale. After yard sales, I went to work for a little while.
Around 12:30 I went to pick up Emma from  a birthday party.
Then we went swimming in our pool at the in-laws. `
Swam for the usual  hours and hours, and then bummed dinner stayed for dinner.
Mark's mom brought up the fact that GarminGPS was on sale and I brought up the fact that we should one day soon grow up and buy our own stuff instead of always borrowing.  So with that we talked Mark into letting go of $99. for the GPS. *sidenote* The night before, we let the kids do movie and popcorn upstairs in the bonus room.  At which time I was complaining of the minuscule size of the t.v.....
Now you think you know where I'm going with this. But if you know Mark, you know that he would never buy anything on a whim. on a spur of the moment. This Mark is the one that contemplated buying a computer for three months! seriously.  But something happened on this day. While at the store to get the $99 dollar GPS we just picked up a 40' flat screen for upstairs! WHAT??  I know!!
The proof is the pudding pictures.

After we got it home, he was excited about it.
And it looks great.
Plus Tanner loved the box!

So father's day 2010 was exciting and strange for us.
But I liked it! Of course you can't have father's day without some of
these gifts...

Mark is the best dad they could ever ask for.
He loves his kids, prays for them, and spends tons of time with them.
He knows them and they LOVE him to pieces!

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