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Monday, June 28

yard sale finds

I had fun at yard sales this weekend.
The plan was to hit a few sales and then go to the gym before heading home.
Well, There were more sales out than I thought, so I was forced to skip the gym.
So sad.

If you've read many of my yard sale posts you know that I don't buy
alot of clothing. But this weekend I found lots of really great pieces.
And by that I mean....designer baby!!
Here's my favorite find.  My $100 dress for TEN dollars!
Wore this baby to church on Sunday!
I love it.
I also got this adorable Ann Taylor sweater for $2.50.

And these gorgeous jean capris from 7brand...

$5. love.
I looked up their website where they sell jeans for
$50 up to $400 dollars! yikes.

I also got the big kids a few shirts but they're just reg.
kid clothes. Seen one...seen em' all.

I saw this idea in a magazine and was going to go
to Lowe's to pick one up, but I found one for $2dollars!

It's one of those gutter thingys.
I just swirled it around the tree house,
tied it up and viola a  super-shooter!

The kids love it. Emma was at the top sending balls down yelling "Launch!"
every time she let one go and Maddox was at the bottom with a bucket yelling, "Weetwieved!"
every time he caught one! :)

And finally a whole stack of books. cheap.
I gotta fill up that bookshelf!
I showed you mine. What did you find?
Send me a link of your treasures!


amanda persinger said...

Me + you = yard sale this weekend : )

Heather said...


"Enjoy this moment,
For this moment is your life."