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Tuesday, July 13

Goodwill Finds and project updates

No yard sales for me this past weekend.
I know. But Mark had to work Saturday morning,
and I didn't want to take all my kids. So I went to GW
on Friday instead. ;)

I got this plate tier thingy.
I've been wanting one of these.
3.99 and I'm painting it white.

Also got this shelf for Emma's room.
I plan to rip off the fence part, replace
the hook and paint it. But I couldn't pass up the
cute little scalloped bottom.

Here's the child size rocker that I
told you I got for free! So cute.
I'm going to try my hand at recovering it.
(and then I will just take it to my MIL
so she can fix it!)
Remember the free shelf?
Of course you do! You were green
with envy...remeber?
O.k. maybe your not right now,
but you will be when it's done.

Mark had too much fun demolishing
the back. The back was warped.
The rest of the shelf is awesome. Very sturdy.
and big!
I took out like a million nails,
filled some holes, and started sanding it.
But that was way too boring and too
much work. I didn't like it.
 So I just started painting it instead.
Lookin' good. I can.not.wait.
to get it in here.  I am thinking that I may add some
trim to the front of the shelves.
 Like this...

Sorry about the bad pictures.
Baby is on my hip...

Anyway, I've been wanting to
jump on the chalkboard banwagon
for some time now. And finally,
I got one! In the kitchen. And of course,
as all my projects go I do it and now
I am waiting. waiting. waiting.
for Mark to add me some trim!
Mark my words! I will. learn.
to use a saw! promise.
But until then. I wait.

Baby's awake, so I gotta  run!


amanda persinger said...

that chair is too cute! Your shelf is really coming along! When it's finished you should have Mark put undermount lighting in it like he did for your kitchen. Right!?! Awww...I'm such a genius ; ) lol!!!

Reluctant Writer said...

Hi Im a new follower. I love all the projects your doing. btw a saw is the one thing I don't want to learn to use. Good for you. Have a great weekend.


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