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Wednesday, July 21

It was meant to be

My new baby:

This morning I had a bag of clothes to
drop off at GW.
Never do I drop off without going in.
So glad I did.
I found a new baby.
I always go to the furniture first.
I spotted this old chest of drawers.
It was in pretty bad shape.
BUT it was only...
(get ready)

What?? 5 dollars! like for real!
I looked it over and over while the kids were running muck in the shoe section.
But I didn't really care. I was busy.
So I pretended they weren't mine. HA!
I don't know what it is with the GW shoes
but my kids act like it's Christmas all over.

Anyway, the dresser definitely had some damage.

I will need to replace the back.

And then there's some damage on the side.

All the original handles are in tact and gorgeous.
The shell is very sturdy and in good condition.

And one more time ..
because it makes me so giddy.
Yep. Giddy.
I didn't buy it.
At first.
I left it there.
But I couldn't stop thinking about it.
So I told my self the old stand by
"If it's there when I go back then,
(all together now)
It was meant to be!"
And so I went back.
And there she was.
All mine.
Meant to be.


amanda persinger said...

WOW! Glad we wasn't there at the same time b/c I would totally be fighting ya for it! ; )

amanda persinger said...

or weren't...whatever, you know what I mean lol!

alissa4illustration said...

That is a pretty piece of furniture. I love re working furniture!

"Enjoy this moment,
For this moment is your life."