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Wednesday, July 7

yard sale finds

Here it is...on Wednesday.
not Monday.
Better late than never.
I wasn't sure if I would find many sales
with it being a holiday weekend..
But there were lots.
I got this cute basket for only 50cents.
As you can see it is now holding diapers
and wipes. (staples around my house)

Also got this small hurricane glass for $1.
I always get these to use for parties later.

And lastly, I got these pictures frames.
6 matching ones for $2!
I plan to paint them all white,
add mats, frame the kids artwork,
and hang them in the new playroom.

Yes. A new playroom.

I know what you're thinking.
(Those of you that have been to my house)
Isn't the bonus room the 'play room'?
We have a bonus room in this house,
but my kids do not have their toys in there.
Not that I won't allow it. But really,
I won't allow it.  They have their bedrooms
full of toys. And they do not need my
bonus room. So there.  They mostly just watch t.v.
in there and we use the couch for bedtime
reading every night. They play in there some
but it gets cleaned up at night.
So they play in their rooms.  But this last winter,
when it snowed for oh, I don't know, like
3 months!  We got bit by the cabin fever bug.
 There is no place to get
out lots of energy. So we are making a place.
A wonderful place. A place to climb, and jump,
and slide, and bounce, and even swing!
No little toys. Toys will still be for the bedroom.
This room will be all about getting the energy out!
I'm a little excited.
Which brings me to my attic space....

remember this....
When I cleaned and organized my behind off.
This will be the new said playroom!
We knew we would
use the attic space one day, but I have somehow
talked Mark into one day being this fall!
My kids will get years of play from this room.
Yay! I'm super excited. So I guess I am officially
announcing the up and coming,
Dun Dun Dun Duhhhhh.......
Project Play Room!
And since I've know it was coming,
I've been trying to clear it out so BIL #2 can come
run us some HVAC in here! Now the clean and organized
attic looks like this......again.

There are piles and piles of consignment clothes in here.
That got all jumbled up during my yardsale.

piles and piles of cash clothes.

I've been working on it anytime I get a minute.
Luckily for me all the closets in this house are huge,
so I have plenty of room to shift things around.
I just need my mom to come back so she
can keep an eye on the crawler for me. ;)

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