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Thursday, July 8

american breakfast

I was going to call it the
red, white, and blue breakfast.
But it actually turned out coral and pink.
That's just weird.
 I surprised the kids with this American breakfast
last Friday. They loved. We had pancakes.
That were supposed to be red and blue
but when you don't start with a white base
you get coral. Again, they didn't care.
So neither did I!

Still in their jammies.
All sleepy eyed.
They're so cute.
Maddox got the pink red milk.

Tanner loved his coral pancakes!

Happy 4th of July Tanner!

We had fun.
I'm just trying to make memories over here.
Then I had a huge mess to clean up,
but Tanner helped me!


alissa4illustration said...

Such a good idea. My sister has color days. She tries to make everything at the table one color. It's a way to teach her kids their colors.

I need to jump on that! My youngest is ready to learn his colors.

amanda persinger said...

How sweet! Those pancakes are so cool...how did you do that???

Amy :) said...

Your site is adorable. Found you on FFF and am your newest follower. Hope you can check me out too!


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