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Thursday, July 8

zoo trip

I don't like the Nashville Zoo.
The last time I went there it was so
terribly hot and long and Emma was a
baby. So she was tired and hot.
And I was hot.
 And did I mention that it was hot?!
At the Nashville Zoo, you have to walk too much
to see few animals.
 My idea is to make the habitats
a little less tranquil so that maybe the animals would
want to get UP and MOVE around instead of just
hiding somewhere on the ground.
I know it would be better in the fall, cooler temps.
So we will go again.
I told you that I wanted to take the kids to do more things,
So for some reason today at 9:15am the idea struck.
We are going to the zoo kids!
(on the hottest day of the year!)
They were ecstatic!
I was too. shhhhh....  
We were all still in our p.j.'s,
bed heads everywhere. Emma was actually 
in her bed, playing with barbies, listening
to Mylie Cyrus.
By 10. We were outta here! No joke. I'm that good.
3 kids, the lunch, and the diaper bag in under 45 minutes!
Prolly a new record.
Here's a few pictures. My camera battery went dead
So I didn't get too many.

Emma pushing Tanner.

Tanner looks shocked to be at the zoo!
Prolly still amazed at my 'mad' mothering skills.
What can I say?
He was actually just trying to get
something in his mouth. :)
meer kats

Maddox loved the snakes!

The best part of these pictures,
is that I didn't tell them to pose that way.
Emma genuinely wanted to show and share
with Maddox what she was seeing.
So sweet. I love them.
We had a good time! They behaved so well.
Tanner was such a little trooper.
He crashed big time on the way home.
And yes. It was hot. So hot that we not only
drank our bottled water -
we poured it on our heads.
yep. That's how we roll. Just making memories.
Nashville Zoo, We will be back!


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following you from blog hop friday.

hope you can stop by too.


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amanda persinger said...

Sad our zoo membership is up...we used it like twice. So we are probably not going to renew it. Glad you had fun!

Kristie said...

Just found you through Fun Follow Friday. I was telling my husband we need a trip to the zoo!

Alicia said...

fun day :) We love the zoo!! We have a family membership and go several times a year.

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