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Sunday, August 22

Tanner's new trick

Good Mornin'
Happy Monday!
This will be a busy week
around our house. Keep coming back
for lots of new posts. I wanted to
show you ((one)) of little T's
new tricks. He has another that
I am trying to get on video, but
he keeps crawling over to the
camera. It's uber cute, so for all
of our viewing pleasure...I'll keep trying!


He's so proud of himself.
And he thinks it's hilarious.
He checks behind him often to
make sure someone is
watching him be naughty.

Coming next:
2 finished projects,
a tour of Emma's room,
and I forgot to do my pictorial
thingy for my whole weekend.
Sorry. It would have been a good
one too. I'll do next weekend for
sure! No more thumb-twiddling for
me, it's the peddle to the medal from
here on out! Thanks for the motivation PD.
Catch a' later.

Ah..P.S. Like my new blog look??

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