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Sunday, October 17

Beach Trip

(click to enlarge photos)
We just got back from beautiful St. Augustine, FL.
We had the most amazing, relaxing time.
I love the beach.
During our 10 year marriage, we have contemplated moving
to the beach more than once.  Family was always what kept us here.
But I sure do looove the beach.
My kids loved the beach! I was so happy.
Last time we went, 2 yrs. ago, Emma didn't like it.
She was scared of the waves. Maddox liked it even then.
But this year, everyone loved it. Even Tanner.
He crawled right into those waves, splashed around, and thought
he was in heaven playing in the sand all day.
Maddox was the happiest little boy that I have ever seen.
He and his cousin Braden dug in the sand for hours and then
he would run and jump and splash and swim and dip and dive into
the ocean. It was so fun just to watch him!  Emma had so much fun having her cousins around all week.  We found starfish and shells. Saw dolphins and ships. Went out to eat. Did a little putt-putt, alot of sunning and ate and ate and ate. It was pure bliss.  I was a little concerned about what kind of weather we would get. Mark and I are beach people and like to stay outside ALL day.  It was perfect. Not too hot...not too cool. perfect. I loved it. I know I already said that.
So above is just a small sampling of some of my favorite photos.
I took about 300.
Yes. I did.
You know how I feel about pictures.
Anyway, I will share more pictures later.
Hope you all had a great week.
And now it is back to reality.
I got some halloween crafts up my sleeve
this week. Only 2 weeks away! yay.
Check back later.

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amanda persinger said...

GREAT Pictures!!! Hate that we did'nt see each other :(
Can't wait to hear all about it!

"Enjoy this moment,
For this moment is your life."