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Friday, November 5

my feature spot

It's here!!
Remember when I told you that I got an exciting email.
Well, today I can tell you what it was.

Today I am being featured on The Birthday Blog!
I'm so excited!

Stacy ask to feature my the Carnival Party that I gave Emma!
I love The Birthday Blog because:
1. I love to party!
2. It has tons of great party ideas.
3. The ideas are things that anyone could do.
4.  Most of Stacies ideas are done on a budget! (thank you,thank you)
5. There are lots of pictures!

So go check me out!
Click HERE to see my post.
And please leave Stacy some
comment love. :)  She also has a great
giveaway right now so scroll down
on her blog page and enter to win.
I did!

Have a great weekend!
Thank you Birthday Blog!

Here's my Photo Friday for this week:

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