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Tuesday, October 5


I am packing this week.
Packing at my house looks like this.

And I have to make a list of do not forgets.

This is Emma's idea of packing.

And while I am busy packing the kids are busy doing this.
Is this what packing looks like at your house?


Amanda said...

I don't see a picture of the laptop! hehehe....plz tell me you will be online sometimes?

amanda persinger said...

Are you bringing games to play? That is a good idea. I hate packing and I hate un-packing even more. We haaaaave to see each other while we are at the beach together!! ; )

Dianne Beaty said...

Really enjoy reading your blog. Judy told me about it. The wedding pictures were great. As far as the packing goes....I use to take way more than I used. I learned to cut it in half and it works for us.

"Enjoy this moment,
For this moment is your life."