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Monday, October 4

wedding weekend

Look at that.
Isn't that sweet.
I love weddings.
This weekend my little cousin Justin
married his sweetheart Ashley.

Maddox was the ring bearer.

We headed out Friday evening.
Stopped at Cracker Barrel for some grub.
Where it took Maddox 6 years to finish his food.
And then to the rehearsal.
Unfortunately I did not get many pictures.

My camera battery died and I didn't bring
the charger so Mark had to go out to Best Buy
to get me a new one.

But back at the hotel we did this

and this:

and of course this:

Maddox was the ring bearer.
This is the best picture I could get of him.
He never stands still!
I was a little nervous that he would freeze up and refuse not to walk down the aisle but with my mad mommy skillz I bribed him with candy. Oh yeah. He walked right down.
Sit by me and fell asleep.

Here's some other cute guys I saw there.

Oh look! A picture of me. Amazing.
(I handed the camera to my mom and ordered
her to take a picture of me. for real.)

These bridesmaid dresses were so cute. and fallish.

Tanner loved the music.
We had a fun time.
And it felt special to us to be included in my cousins
wedding. We were honored to be there.
And now that I  have basically made this whole post
about me and my family I will leave you again (I told ya I didn't
get many pictures) I will leave you with this.

So cute.
Congratulations Justin and Ashley!!


Amanda said...

love it! Madd is A-dorable!!! why does it take a boy so long to eat? I mean, really? what's so hard abiout sitting still and eating?!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Heather for that. It was said so beautiful.

"Enjoy this moment,
For this moment is your life."