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Sunday, November 21

2 day flurry

Good Monday Morning!
Wow, that weekend went fast.

These next two days will be busy around our nest.
I volunteered myself for an extra shift this morning at the YMCA.
I have to be there AT 8:00a.m. with both boys. Good grief. The boys may be in there jammies, breakfast in tow but we will make it. Thankfully Emma will be riding the bus home and then we are off to gymnastics.

Tuesday morning Emma is having her Thanksgiving Breakfast Feast at school following her Thanksgiving Program that begins at 7:45a.m.  But I will need to get there earlier to drop off food in the classroom. The whole family is going. We may all be in our pajamas! I will then drop off Madd at school. Bring Tanner back for a naptime, have lunch, then go back to pick up Emma.  I hope Maddox (and his teacher) aren't expecting me to come back to school to eat this Thanksgiving Chic-fil-A lunch with him, because it is called Mother's Day OUT.  I won't really be out. but I would like to not be IN the school. :) Get my drift?
yeah.  Tuesday evening we will head to the YMCA once again.

But then there was WEDNESDAY! Yay for Wednesday.....and Thursday...and Friday, Saturday, Sunday!
Days off.  I like those.  Thanksgiving plans? Not really much for us on Thursday. But I LOVE black friday!
I've been making my list! Are you going?

 I will post pictures and blog again soon.
Later peeps!

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