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Wednesday, November 17

Powder Room Makeover

Here it is before.
What you can't see is the very dirty walls.
Flat paint + small hands = dirty walls.
And there was soap/water stains everywhere.
Because I always just swing my hands dry instead of using the towel.
The antique picnic basket was used to store
hairbrushes, extra tissue and towels. And it was
NOT working anymore. I plan to add a cabinet soon.
So I marked it off way up high - right above the light switch-
and painted gloss white all the way around.

Tanner helped. :)
LOOK what I did!! I successfully took the back of the
toliet off for painting! Yay me. And then Mark comes in
to help me put it back together ( I didn't ask him to) and he
breaks the darn thing! Now it has a  leak.

Then Mark and Maddox added chair rail and lattice strips.
The lattice strips need to be lightly sanded, but it is
really not a big deal.  Lattice strips are only 99cents each.
They are the cheapest way to add board and battan to any room.

Tanner wanted in on the painting.
So he did this...
It's still not done.
It takes me a long time to pick paint colors.

I think I'm going with the green.
Which I will be doing tomorrow.
Here's what it looks like for now.

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