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Thursday, November 18

blogger whoas

My worst nightmare is coming true - well close - something is wrong with my blog!
I can't upload any pictures. It keeps giving me crazy messages about not having enough storage space.
So you lovelies will have to wait a wee bit longer, or until Mark comes home, to see my finished bathroom.  And yes, it is finished. (besides a toliet paper holder but who cares about that?)  I'm not in love with the green color I picked, but that figures. I'm never love the colors I pick. What is wrong with me? I pick it at the store, bring it home, hold it up, hold it down, hold it under the lights, buy a sample, paint that on the wall, walk in and out of the room staring at the sample about 50 bazillion times, buy it, paint it, hate it. ugh!! Not really hate it. But paint is a 30 dollar commitment that I want to love. Oh well. The good news is - this bathroom is the cleanest bathroom in America. You couldn't get these white shiny walls dirty if you tried! :)
I do love that part.
This is where I would show you a picture.

crickets........... crickets

Ta Ta for now!

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