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Friday, December 17


I made some Amish Bread.
I gave one loaf to the neighbors, ate one,
gave away three starters and kept one starter for myself.
So I'll be baking more soon.

I made cookies for Emma to take to school.
I always wanted to make 'pretty' iced sugar cookies but
mine always look like a glob of ...er.something.
This time I followed a recipe from a new blog I found called  BAKE AT 350.
If you love baking and like me, pretend to be good at it, then you will love this blog.
I used her technique for icing my cookies, and they actually turned out kinda cute.

Note: In case you try her icing recipe, She insist that you must sift your powdered sugar,
me being the rebel that I am, did not sift *GASP*.  It turned out fine. Maybe it would have been finER if I had sifted, but I probably won't sift next time either.  She also has one of those fancy smancy electric mixer - I do not. I used a wooden spoon, spatula and my not so fancy smancy mixers and again it worked fine.

( I realize that picture is not staright, but I'm just happy to get it on here. Let's pretend.)

We have a fun friday full of friends today.
Here's my Photo Friday:

I did crafts in spite of this.

Oh, and you must check out Craft-O-Maniac today for a very cute idea!
Have a great Weekend!!
I'll be back with a craft post soon.
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