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Tuesday, December 21


I did some crafting a few days last week,
even though Tanner was doing this...

Our church puts up a 'family' tree.
Each family is supposed to bring an ornament
to hang on the tree that represents thier family.
I searched through my crafty scraps and
 I made this one for the us.

I also made one very similar to this one for
my friends over at This Life Was Meant to Shine.
But, of course, I forgot to take a picture of it.
Anyway, Amanda and I also got a few scrapbook pages

Lots of Tanner pages, because I needed to catch him up!

And I figured out how to make these cuties...

I'm gonna make lots for Emma to wear in her hair.

My photo posting trouble is fixed finally!!
So I will be right back with some Christmas pictures
of the cutest kids in the world! :)

This is our life....

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For this moment is your life."