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Tuesday, December 14


...before I forget.
I wanted to jot down all the cute funny things that has come out of my kids mouths lately.

Emma's version of Eenie Meenie Miney Moe.
"Eenie Meenie MinA Moe,
Catch a tiger, by your toe,
Yippee Ha Ha, let him go,
Eenie Meenie Mina Moe"

:) She didn't know what the word holler was so she assumed that were saying something else.
Like Yippee Ha Ha! Funny girl. I let her sing it that way for awhile before I told her what it really was because it was so cute. She's not from the country like me, I knew what a holler was.

I had Maddox wrapped in a blanket holding him down, and saw the perfect opportunity to steal lots of some kisses. As I was kissing his face all over, He yells "Mom, stop! Superheros don't have snuggies!"
That's what we call kisses.

Madd was begging , as usual, for Mark and Emma to wrestle with him on our bed. Finally after many distractions they made it in there just in time for Tanner to start crying out here about something, so they turn around and walk right back out. When from inside my bedroom I hear Maddox's infamous, "Ahh..Dern It!"

Yesterday, we spent the whole day together (me and the kids) inside. We didn't have a car, so we couldn't go if we had wanted to. (Or desperately needed to like on Friday!) At the dinner table, everyone is quietly eating when Emma pops up and says, "We did o.k. today, didn't we Mom? We fought a little bit, but it wasn't bad. It was o.k."  I just had to laugh.  We did have a good day together and today all schools are cancelled again but today we are outta. here! :)

And of course, Tanner is cute too! He just can't verbalize it yet.  He is extra cute when he dances.
Have a Happy Tuesday friends!

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Anonymous said...

Just stopping by through Twee Poppets...what cute kids! I am a teacher, and I love hearing some of the mixed up things that come out of their mouths. ;-)

amanda persinger said...

How funny! You will be happy that you have all this written down. I have been slacking on that lately. AND...I totally feel ya on getting out of the house. Yesterday was fun but today is a different day ; )

"Enjoy this moment,
For this moment is your life."