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Monday, December 13

Weekend Recap

Good Monday Morning peeps!

It's COLD here and we are staying inside ALL day.
Because it SNOWED!!
 We are staying in all day, but not in our pajamas. That "let's spend the whole day in our pajamas" thing sounds good, but for me by noon I'm going crazy and need to shower, fix my hair, and put on some eye liner.  Ahhh... that's better.  Because of the snow, E doesn't have school today.  I don't really like being thrown off my routine. She was sick on Friday and had to miss, so now she's been home for four days!
She needs to go to school.  Only 3 days and 2 hours 'til the 2 week Christmas break.

Remember on Friday, when I gave you a little run-down of what our weekend might be like. WRONG. Didn't turn out that way. I really wanted to hang out with one of my Amanda's ( I have several ) and her kiddos, but NO. Emma had to be sick, so we cancelled. By Friday at 4pm, I was going mad. Seriously. I lost it. I told the kids to just get in the van. No coats, no shoes, nothing. I didn't know where we were going, but we were going!  We ended up driving around looking at lights until we were hungry. Then we found ourselves at the Captain D's drive thru.  Of course, no game night with our friends. :(

Saturday morning I ran out to ToysRus to get the last of the kids gifts.
Then Mark was taking Emma and Maddox down the road to the Christmas Parade when this happened...

Emma was sitting right there in the back passenger seat!
She and everyone else is o.k. but Mark does have whiplash.
He says it hurts pretty bad.
My poor van. I loved that vehicle (mostly because it's paid for) and I will probably get
it back, but it could be totalled because of the damage done to the frame.
Of course since this happened we have been driving Mark's new car.
He had a really old Camry that finally died. Which was his goal. He refused to
buy a car when the one he had took him where he wanted to go, but a few Fridays ago it wouldn't get him back home! We sold it to a junk yard for $200. Yep. It was a nice one.
Anyway, Mark's new car is nice. Really it is. Ahem
2010 Impala but dang! that thing is small.
 And it's a 'sudan'. But once you are used to 3 rows of seats it's hard to go back!
I just stood by the passenger door holding ALL my crap   stuff going,
"Where do you put your stuff in this thing?"
And he laughs and says, "I don't have stuff, Heather."
I will be glad to get my van back.

While we were waiting on the tow truck, we walked down to watch the parade.

Madd was excited that he caught some candy.

Saturday night we went to our niece's birthday party.
She turned 10! What the heck?
Happy Birthday Halle. 
Sunday was nice. I actually got to sit through a service with
the adults! Me and Amanda (one of the other ones) have been working
for months on the kids Christmas Program and now that is over we get
 to relax for a little while.
Just to drive the point home, I'm going to tell you that after church
I went to Amanda's ( another one! ) for a little party.
Her home is beautiful, so that was nice.
I am obviously drawn to people named Amanda.
They make nice friends.

O.k peeps. That's it for me.
Aunt Judy threatened my life if I didn't blog today.
No. not really. :)
But now I'm on to cleaning, crafts, and kids.
And showers!(taking them, not cleaning them) :)
Have a great day!

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