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Monday, January 10

a big yeller' decision

I repainted my dining room.....again.

It's only been yellow for little over a year.
It was never the yellow that I wanted it to be.
Yellows always tend to seem gold to me.
My rooms downstairs are very open and I want mine to be all the same color.
I didn't like sitting on my couch in my cozy color living room, looking down
the hall and seeing the WOW  yellow dining room.
And a bonus is that my chair cushions and curtains work well with the new color.

I kinda painted my dining room yellow to 'follow the crowd' on the neutral color/ light shades people and when I started painting over that yellow and changing it into a cozy light brown I felt a little free.

Free to do what I want, in my own home even if it's not what everyone else is doing.
I liked it.
And I made a decision to not follow anymore. Not try to imitate color for color, pillow for pillow, plate for plate what someone else has done. I love all the beautiful blogs that I read. I love their homes. I could just wake up in their beautifully decorated home one morning and live there forever very happy, and comfortable and not change a thing. But that is not my home. I cannot turn our home, finances and home upside down trying to buy a new couch, new rug, paint tables, etc. etc. I can't and after painting over Ol' yeller' I decided I don't want to do that. Painting my dark brown cozy color made me happy. And I prefer to be happy than chase my tail. :) 

I'm not saying that I will never look at a blog post or magazine picture and not want to do what they did.
I will. But I will not change my entire home to match someone elses. 
While I was painting I had a great little helper.

Little stinker figured out how to climb up there all by himself.
Have a great day and be yourself!


amanda persinger said...

I LOVE it! It looks gray-ish to me...either way it looks great! I can't stand my yellow room upstairs...what was I thinking?!? Ha!ha!

Ashley Tremaine said...

Thank you so much for your sweet and FUNNY comment on my blog!! Your blog is adorable!! And I love the color you chose...it is too funny...I am trying to decide what color to use in my LR/Kitchen combo...yellow or beige...we think a lot alike!! :)

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