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Monday, January 10


I love them.
I have several.
I feel like they are almost
out of the 'norm' because they
are round. They make me happy.
I have them everywhere...

living room
I got this stick one at GW for like 3bucks.
It's kinda rustic, frumpy, messy, one of my favs.

breakfast area

dining room
I know. This is not actually a wreath.
But it's round, so I like it.
This is my blog.  I make the rules.

I would like to have an all season wreath for my front door.
what works for everyday?
Do you decorate with wreaths?


amanda persinger said...

I think I may have to follow you and post about my wreaths I bought for my chairs....which now am going to use to hang over my mirror ; )

Michael - Innkeeper said...

i love me a good wreath!

sometimes its exactly what you need!

"Enjoy this moment,
For this moment is your life."