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Monday, January 31


Me: "Maddox, What are we going to do while Emma is at school tomorrow?"
Maddox: "Play................................and eat donuts!"

Emma and I were teasing each other and I say in my ghetto girl voice,
"I'm gonna kick you to the curb, girl."
She says, "I'm gonna kick you off a cliff, girl."
 (I Guess she got me)

While Mark was out of town, he called to leave a message for the kids.
Maddox was playing it over and over trying to talk to the machine,
"Yes, dad. Here we are."

Scarlet Cheese. That's what Emma calls Cheddar Cheese. Why?
I don't know. She just made it up.
CarTEEuhs. That's what she call Tortillas. I just go with it.

Maddox is planning on doing every.thing. on Saturday.
Maddox: "What day is it?"
Me: " Saturday."
Maddox: "Awww....Yes!"

Emma calls yesterday, Last Morning.
Anything that happened yesterday, It happened last morning.

Maddox at bedtime: "Mom, will you lay with me?"
Me (in my not so soft, done with this day, really tired voice):
 "No, Madd. I can't I have to put Tanner to bed."
Later I come back in to lay with him and I say:
"Sorry I yelled at you earlier."
Maddox: "Sorry I called you a blah blah poopy girl."
(He called me a name behind my back)

Emma reading a book:
(My little girl is reading!!!)
"Rob is Little."
Me: "Awwww he's little."
Emma: "He must be in pre-K."

And not to be left out, Tanner knows how
to play hide-n-seek.
And I'm not just saying this because he's mine, but
it is by far the.cutest.thing.ever.    

These are our memories...


Amanda said...

oh my goodness! I LOVE IT! so flippin' funny! kids are so stinking funny...in general, oh wait, I don't have a friend named general!

Amanda said...

I forgot to mention that Tanner looks like one of those "time-out" dolls that you see at antique/flea markets! LOL :O

"Enjoy this moment,
For this moment is your life."