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Monday, March 14

sappy soccer

Maddox has always said he wants to play soccer.
No other sports, just soccer.
Saturday was his first practice. ever.
He cried.
I couldn't believe it really.
My loud, tough, rambunctious boy teared up and froze.

See him NOT participating.
He said he was scared.
He had never seen any of these people before and had no idea what to expect.
So he was scared.
He wouldn't do a thing.

That's him after the rest of the team ran off kicking.
He just stood there all teary eyed while Mark and I and Emma tried to encourage him.

He said he changed his mind, He doesn't want to do soccer.
I, being the one who paid the soccer fee and for the new cleats, highly persuaded him to go out there and give it a try. Tanner was happy to play in his place.

Finally 45 minutes into his one hour practice he gave it  a
little kick push.
And when practice was over and the strangers were gone.
He declared his undying love for all things.......soccer.

P.S.  Yes we are sticking with it for now.
It could be a loooong season.


Amanda said...

I'm shocked! so what now? make him stick it out or give it up?
is E doing softball or soccer this spring?

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