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Monday, March 14

little helper

This blue footstool gets pulled all around my kitchen by all my little helpers every.single.day.
On this day I casually mention out loud (probably talking to myself) <--I do that alot.
that I was going to make something.

Emma and Maddox were at school so Tanner was in the kitchen with me. When he heard me say those words that I didn't even really realize that I said out loud, he made a line for the pantry. I opened the door thinking he wanted cookies, but no. He got this blue stool, pushed it over to the counter where I had started gather my things and climbed right up ready to help!
It was the cutest thing!  (besides ALL the other cutest things he has done) HA!

He is so very smart this one.
Catches on to everything.
Knows everything we are saying to him.
And follows in brother and sisters footsteps.

I love having him around!
And that's exactly why he will not be starting MDO in the fall.
I need him for one more year with me!

....these are our stories.


Elizabeth said...

:) So sweet.

Laurie Lee said...

Those pictures are precious. Tanner finally got his chance to help! We have a stool like that in our kitchen, too. It will crack me up when Hannah starts using it. :)

"Enjoy this moment,
For this moment is your life."