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Sunday, April 24


We serve a Risen Savior!
We had a great Easter.
I am starting this post at 10:57pm and you should never do that.
Especially when you have to get up to get little girls to Kindergarden on time.
So here will be a lot of pictures a few words.

I love this picture of Maddox and Emma.
I have a hard time getting Madd to look at the camera
and he always has on his pretend picture smile.

I bought the boys matching outfits!
Why this has never occurred to me before I do.not.know.
Look how cute they are! I loved it.
Matchy Matchy is definitely in their future.
Ha Ha. They're too little to protest.

Here's me and Mark. I tried to dress us all similiar.
White, Pink, and Grey were our colors.

Emma found the prize egg and won a chocolate bunny.
Which I felt a little weird about, for a second.
Because her mom hid the eggs, and bought that bunny.
But we don't cheat.
I promise you I did not want that bunny at our house.
She was so proud of it so I was happy for her.

Tanner refused to hunt eggs with the babies on the playground where he was
supposed to be. He was just standing at the fence.
So we let him come over with the big kids.

Madd - shaking his eggs to see if it had a prize in it.

pretend smile. attitude. does not care.

Mark hids the kids baskets on Easter morning.
His mom did that for him.
They love it.
Except they really couldn't find them.
We had to give them some hints.
Madd got a bible, Emma got jewelry, Tanner got a ball,
but their most favorite thing was their new flashlights!
Okay, it's late.
I gotta get to bed.
the end.

....these are our memories

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For this moment is your life."