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Monday, April 25

1st real haircut

Tanner got his first real haircut, from a real hair cutter, not me.
He did awesome! First time in the chair.
He sat right up there and didn't say a word.
Despite the weepy look here.
 I did a bad thing and didn't take a real 'before' picture but here's one
that shows my pitiful attempt at a comb over and gel down to get
it under control.

(and yes. that's where he sits while I am trying to craft)

So I have always trimmed his hair to keep it out of his eyes.
Because I didn't trust anyone with it.
For real. That's the truth. I didn't want anyone to touch it!
But really I don't know what I'm doing so the back was crazy looking.

But our haircutter lady at Great Clips straightened him out just right
 with me hovering like a momma hen
and I might have said something like, "Don't get his bangs too short, Don't get his bangs too short."
(over and over with my voice getting higher and higher)

 But she's good.
He got his sucker and straight hair!

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