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Tuesday, April 26

a little craft

This craft took me 20 minutes tops.
I bought these little canvases at HobLob on the
Valentine's clearance. I knew I would use them for something
and today was their day. I used some scrapbook paper from the stash.
And these cute little scrabble like chipboard letters that I
got at a yard sale last year for 10cents or
something crazy cheap.

I just wrapped the canvases in the paper
and used my tape runner to stick it on.
I love how scruffed up those letters are.
The previous owners had hand written numbers on
each letter, I assume for scoring because they actually
played the game, but  I didn't mind one bit. More character.

See that little red tape runner.
I put the whole thing together with it.
So I could remove these letters and use them
for another project if I so chose!

I hung them in Madd's room.
See those blocks with his name on them
My neighbor made them!
Aren't they cute? They match his room!
She's so crafty...but shame on her...she doesn't have a blog!

I bought that shelf at a yard sale a couple weeks ago for 3 dollars then
painted it red with some left over paint from his room.
When you yardsale in the freezing cold rain
you get the good stuff.

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