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Tuesday, April 12

recent goodwill finds

Since yard sale season is not in full swing yet,
I've been getting my thrifty fix by parusing the local
Goodwill. We have some good, Goodwills in my area.

I picked up these two cuties.
Large one - 2.99 (It was kinda hard for me to pay that much)
Small one - .99cents

I gave them a coat of antique white for their future
debut on my party scapes.

I always, always, always look at the frames.
I picked up these three for a future gallery wall that I am working on for the living room.

This one is my favorite.

So cute! Why would you take that to GW?
That's rhetorical. If you were the one that took that to GW
I thank you.

I got these two plates for .50 cents each.
I'm not sure where I will hang them yet.
But I loved them.

This is one of those round tables.

I unscrewed the legs and am keeping it until the boys share a room
so I can make one of these for Tanner to match Maddox's.

I also picked up a pair of GAP wideleg capris,
I love wearing that style,
and a pair of Aeropostale khaki shorts
Plus two summer dresses!
Good shopping day!
Now go find your own good stuff....
just don't get the stuff that I want. haha.

1 comment:

amanda persinger said...

Well, I am mad at you for taking the stuff that "I" want AND would be mad about the clothes too...if only they would fit me! ; ) lol!

"Enjoy this moment,
For this moment is your life."