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Wednesday, April 13


We got Emma's team softball pictures taken.
Here the A's...

Oh wait! Tuck in your shirts girls...

There that's better!
Emma is front row, 3rd from left.

She loves to play softball.
She was always catcher or in the outfield last year.
I don't mind her being catcher because it keeps her focused on the game not to mention some throwing practice. But this year she got moved up to trying out short stop and second base!

WooHoo! I was so proud of her.
The first time she was put on short stop, she missed one that went right by her and got moved
back to the outfield. teehee.
But last game they gave her another try and I could tell she was nervous.
She was afraid that if she got the ball she wouldn't know what to do with it!
And then here comes one straight for her...
 she ran up there and got it, ran it to 3rd and got an out!!
After that you could visibly see her confidence rising.
It was cute.....of course.

I had to give her a little pep talk about hustling.
She was being pokey running those bases.
Now she's got it!

That's it for me today.
 It's time for the bus so I gotta walk to the bus stop!

Maddox makes me race him...
And he always wins!

Have a blessed Wednesday my friends!

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For this moment is your life."