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Wednesday, April 6


Soccer has been going great!
Here's some pictures from practice last week.
And yes it was freezing! We were all bundled up.
Last Saturday at the game, Madd scored the 1st goal
within the first 5 minutes! It was so exciting. He was really proud of himself!
Of course, Mark had the camera at Emma's game that day.
More on that later.

At practice the coach asks that one parent participate for some of the drills
SO when Mark is working late...it's a bit of a challenge...

and takes lots of chocolate to keep him occupied.


Kick it Madd!

Oh, crap! Where's Tanner?

Get off the field Tanner!!
Eat your chocolate!
Emma was in control of the chocolate.
Go Maddox!

I had the chocolate in my hand trying to take a picture.
It's not the camera that he wants...

I'm really proud of Maddox.
He's come along way since that first practice.
He's a good little sport out on the field and he plays til' he can't play no more.
He plays pretty much the whole game for Coach Andy while other kids are running on and off the field.
It's really fun to watch my little snuggie play!

Oh no! The chocolate ran out!

Time to go!

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