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Monday, April 4

metallic letters - EDITED (read below)

I told you here about the blank walls in my home.
We have only been here for 2 years and being the crafter, thrifter that I am spaces go unfinished until I find that right thing that will make me smile when I fill up my walls with it.
I've been waiting to find the right thing for this blank space in my breakfast area.

So I filled it like this:

I love these metallic letters!
Emma thought we should write PRAY and then EAT.
Sweet girl. 
You can get these letters over at anthropologie  for about $98 dollars each.
Yeah. I think we all know me better than that! I guess I'll let you in on the secret,
they're not metal. They're cardboard! You already knew that right.?
I bought them at Joann's with a 40% coupon so I paid 6.00 each for mine.

Here's my tools:

I painted them quickly and lightly with some gray interior sample from Lowe's that I already had.

Then I spray painted them!
At first I started spraying with a lighter metallic paint
but they looked to shiny so I used ended up using a darker one.

This on the left was too shiny for me.
The one on the right is the one I used.

I love them. I think.
I am still getting used to something hanging there and the fact they
are so big.  It kinda screams EAT at you. Which is fine with me. I like to eat!
Emma also said they should say, EAT PEOPLE.
I guess I say 'people' alot sometimes.
You know, like,
"Get in the van people."
"Let's go people."
No? You don't say those things?

Total for 3 letters: $18
Everything else I already had!!
But you could get a sample for $4 and spray paint for $4.
So this project would still on cost you around $25!

What do you think?
EDIT: I kept looking at my letters trying to figure how to make them look more like real metal.
I got it!
This is what you need!
You don't even really need that paint brush either.
Just squirt the paint on the letter and rub it off with a paper towel.

Now they look SO REAL! I can't believe it's paper mache!
Doing this made all the difference. Check it out.

The E is finished. The A is not.

I love them!

And now I have this..

I want to find a reason to make more!


Amanda said...

very cool! so that's what crafty Monday was all about!

amanda persinger said...

Love it! You can make me some ; )

donatella said...

oh... metal, cardboard...whatever! it's shiny, looks like metal, and beautiful!! well done!

PartyMom said...

The black paint really does make a HUGE difference! I wish I’d seen this before my Toy Story party, because you just gave me an idea for a different way to make a craft I did for that party. Oh well...I’ll just have to adapt for another party. Thanks for sharing!

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